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Vegetables baked with fragrant cheese Yumm


100 grams of green beans
70 g broccoli
70 g of Brussels sprouts
40 g of tomatoes - for color -
100 g of granulated cottage cheese Valio 2%
the protein from the egg 1
3 cloves of garlic
1.5 cm of fresh ginger root
just a couple of drops of ketchup


cottage cheese mix with the protein grated ginger dried garlic and a pinch of paprika and basil in there to salt is not necessary and so salty cheese vegetables - except tomatoes - without defrosting throw in boiling salted water for 2-4 minutes throws in a colander
we spread all the ingredients in the form as if the layers add the chopped tomatoes and slices of garlic sprinkle with the remaining basil cook in the oven for 15 minutes etc 160 degrees

eat yourself and treat loved ones