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Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna delicious


1 box nutter butter cookies
cool whip or whip your own fresh whipped cream (2 cups cream plus a drop of sugar for sweetness)
peanut butter cups
1/3 cup peanut butter melted in microwave
1 box instant or regular vanilla pudding prepared according to package


line the bottom of an 9x9 pan with nutter butter cookies
top with a drizzle of the melted peanut butter
add 1/3 the pudding
add half the cream - I like to use a pastry bag so it is pretty but you can spread it if you prefer-
top with chopped peanut butter cups
repeat the layering
decorate the top with crushed nutter butter cookies peanut butter cups and a drizzle more of peanut butter
this must be chilled overnight for the cookies to soften we are talking 24 hours or more-a little tip to speed the softening up....halve the cookies lengthwise -don't worry about the cream- and layer them halved or you could even chop the cookies and use chopped cookies in the layers either way you choose will be delicious