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the strawberry bomb cake Delicious


2 cup strawberry jam
1/3 cup warm water
1/2 cup orange juice
1/3 cup Grand Marnier plus one tablespoon extra
1-1/3 pounds mascarpone at room temperature
1-1/3 cups whipping cream (40%)
4 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
ladyfingers or Savoiardi you’ll need about 40
2-1/2 to 1 pounds strawberries washed dried and sliced
2 tablespoons lemon zest


in bowl combine the jam water orange juice and half of the grand marnier mix well the mixture should be liquidy set aside
in a bowl combine the mascarpone and the remaining grand marnier mix well set aside
in the bowl of an electric mixer beat the whipping cream with the sugar vanilla extract and remaining 2 tablespoon of grand marnier beat until stiff peaks form
take a quarter of the whipped cream mixture and stir into the mascarpone to lighten the mascarpone then add the remaining whipped cream mixture and fold gently into the mascarpone mixture set aside
spread 1/3 of the jam mixture in the bottom of a 12 x 10 inch baking dish the mixture will be very liquidy but don’t worry about it The ladyfingers will absorb the liquid
sprinkle 2 tablespoon of the lemon zest over the jam mixture
line the bottom of the dish with ladyfingers making sure to fill in every spot if you have to snap the ladyfingers into smaller pieces in order to make them fit
spread half of the mascarpone mixture evenly over the ladyfingers
layer half of the sliced strawberries over the mascarpone
spread the remaining jam mixture over the strawberries
sprinkle the remaining 2 tablespoon of lemon zest over the strawberries and jam
create a second layer of ladyfingers over the strawberries and jam again be sure to completely fill in the layer
spread the remaining mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers
Layer the remaining strawberries on top
chill for at least 10 hours before serving