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chicken shawarma


six of the issuance of the chicken as you like! Quantity preparedhalf a cup of olive oilhalf a cup of lemon juicespices and black pepper, and red pepper, and saltrob box of yogurtthree cups of flourand a quarter cup of watera big one teaspoon of instant yeasta pinch of salt, a tablespoon of sugaroOne eggtomato cut into strips or cubesPickled cucumbersSauce.minced lettuce


put the chicken in the portfolio Khash.odavi chicken oil, lemon, salt and chicken Albharrat.daa a full day inside the refrigerator until mixed ingredients Ezha.qoma fried chicken breast in a pan with Tefal Zubdh.dei chicken Athmr a bit, then in the form of peremptory segments Msttilh.houdra dough through mixing flour with sugar, salt, yeast and Alme.atrkiha even ferments for half Saah.aferdi dough that you Ptkotaiaha, but where in the form of circles and Aferdiha even be Mchaphh.nzvi sheet do you use between two pieces of bread so as not to burn Bz.khve Stuffing, Put lettuce, pickle and quantity occasion of the sauce and where normally.